Sunday, August 1, 2010

Allergy Update!

I haven't actually talked much about CupCake's allergies on here. She passed Sunflower, and now Sunbutter is a staple in her diet. She can eat soy oil and soy lecithin, and I'm not opposed to shared lines, but actually eating and drinking soy is out. We did a soy trial and it as going well for the most part. It isn't going to kill her if she eats it, however her eczema got BAD. Cracked, bleeding, oozing, painful eczema. Luckily only in a very small spot was it that bad. But it was enough for me to pull it again. She's nursing ~5 times in 24 hours now, so I still need to watch my diet. Now the unofficial, official allergy list is as follows:

Avocados (hives/swelling, tests - on SPT)
Dairy (tests + on SPT)
Peanuts (tests + on SPT, has been around it without issue, still peanut free house, no shared lines)
Eggs (tests + on SPT, doesn't react to occasional baked in egg in MY diet, but reacts if I eat scrambled eggs, so avoiding all egg)
Sesame (+ on RAST test, avoiding due to severe eczema flares)
Tomato (never been tested, severe and immediate eczema upon direct consumption, thank Ketchup)
Wheat (tests - on SPT, causes eczema if I eat it and nurse her)
Almonds (never tested, ate a marzipan cookie and had some NASTY rashes. No more)

She's avoiding all Tree Nuts and most Gluten. I let her have an occasional barley cookie from Newman's though. I can eat cashews and macadamia nuts w/o issue, but we're not giving them to her yet. I think that's it.

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  1. Hi,
    I came across your blog while looking for SunButter recipes. We're happy you're finding foods safe for your daughter.