Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making up for lost time

I have a final tonight at 6pm. I should be studying for it. Instead I'm playing with Cupcake and writing this. She'll nap eventually. I just remembered that people used to call me Skittles in high school. I used to get a lot of "Taste the rainbow" jokes thrown my way. Man. I've been remembering a lot of things that happened in high school that I had forgotten. It's crazy.

MamaCat's Skittle Smoothie

~1.5c frozen mango
1/3c whole berry cranberry sauce
6oz coconut milk yogurt(plain)
1/2-1c plain, unsweetened hemp milk
dash of ginger
Agave sweetener to taste (I use the dark stuff)

Blend all ingredients in blender except agave until smooth. Stop the blender, taste, and add agave if needed.

1/2 my mouth was numb yesterday and I made this and OMG YUM. It was a little too sweet but still really tasty! I used homemade cranberry sauce. You could use a coconut flavored dairy-based yogurt and regular milk. Or a regular yogurt and coconut milk. I think a commercial cranberry sauce would work, but it might get too thick if it has gelatin. I'm not sure how that works really though. CC likeed it but she got brain freeze.

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